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How much does an underground fiberglass tank cost?

An underground fiberglass tank costs $2.00 per gallon delivered. O.K. it’s not that simple, but if you are looking for a shot from the hip and don’t wan’t to sweat the details, $2.00 per gallon is your number. This is by far Fextex’s most asked question, and to better answer it we must uncover what you are truly looking for. Let’s assume you are storing water (waste-water, potable water, rainwater collection, storm-water detention, etc) I can now tell you are looking for a S.W.T. single walled tank. Approx tank Shell cost: 10K-20K gallons of storage = approx $1.20 per gallon for the tank shell 22K-40K gallons of storage= approx $1.50 per gallon for the tank shell 41K-50K gallons of storage= approx $2.25 per gallon for the tank shell The rest of your costs are in the fittings, accessories and freight.

Fittings (inlets/outlets, riesr openings, riser extensions, couplings, flanges, anti vortex platers, etc) are fixed cost regardless of the size of the tank. so naturally by adding fittings to a smaller tank the impact to the the cost per gallan has a greater effect.

Accessories (anti buoyancy equipment, baffle walls, NSF liners, etc) the prices of tank accesories increase with the size of the tank. because the tank size dictates the material needs during manufacturing..

Freight legal load (8' 4" diameter X 48' length max) $2.75 per mile. The largest 8' diameter tank that can be shipped on a 48' flat bed truck is a 15,000 gallons (46' 9" L) .

Deadmen In most cases your deadmen will ship on the same load as your tank. The exception would be on oversized loads (over 48'). If this is the case figure an extra truck to carry your deadmen.

Oversize load- Call us with a physical address and we can get you an estimate. When shipping oversize loads there is too many variables to give you a ball park number.

Cost of goods and services seem to always be on the rise. All prices should be considered as rough estimates.

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