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Fiberglass Storm Water Detention Tanks

Storm water detention tanks control hazards associated with major rainstorms. By storing major water run off you can prevent massive soil erosion and contamination of nearby facilities. This process works by the tank(s) collecting the major rainwater surge, and then distributing the water for reuse or disposal over time.



Fiberglass Storm Water Tank Benefits


The two common answers for storm water containment are detention ponds and storage tanks. Storm water detention tanks offer a more space efficient and watertight solution. Although ponds detain water, by nature they collect oil and trash, that occupy property space. They are also prone to freezing, and require regular maintenance.

Green Building projects designed with water management in mind will generally require water storage, or process tanks. Green Building designs that incorporate fiberglass detention tanks may well qualify for points under the U.S. Greenbuild Council's sustainable sites and water efficiency categories of its Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design rating system.

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