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Pump Stations

Fextex provides package water and wastewater pump stations. Are you looking for a quote, or help with a pump package design? We can help with pump calculations, basin dimensions, control panel configuration, CAD drawings, etc.
Vertical Turbine Pumps

Pump Types

Water Pump Types

  • Vertical Turbine Pumps

  • End Suction Pumps

  • Water Booster Pumps 

Wastewater Pump Types

  • Effluent Pumps

  • Solids Handlling

Naturally, pump stations move water from one place to another. But how do you move your water as efficiently, and as cost effectively as possible? What things should be considered when designing a pump station, or purchasing equipment? Please allow us to take you through the broad strokes.


Pump Curve

The first thing Fextex will ask you for is a pump curve. A pump curve is based on how many gallons need to be pumped (GPM gallons per minute), at the total vertical feet of head or total discharge pressure. Simply, how much  and how high. Next we'll want to know about minimum and peak flows. Peak hourly flows and minimum daily flows are used to evaluate the system and properly select the pump. 


What am I pumping? 

Or what is the worst thing my pumps are going to encounter? People are often careless with what they flush down the toilet, or throw down the storm drain. If you are not pumping domestic water, you will want to take this into consideration. Also, how large of a solid must my pump be able to handle for the appication? Will I need a grinder or cutter pump to break objects down before entering the discharge line ? Is the material I am pumping corrosive, and what is the best pump material to handle my application?


What are my pump options and prices for my situation?

​Because there is more than one way to move your water from A to B, we will want to learn some details about your pump station. Through a series of questions, we will be able to identify your obstacles and present options and prices. Through this process we are going to uncover if the pump(s) is a major part of your pump station price. Because Fextex thinks holistically, we are taking the entire package into consideration (control panel, pump house, wetwell/drywell, etc). By taking everything into consideration up front, we can ultimately save you money. 





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