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Fiberglass Fire Protection Tanks

Fiberglass fire protection tanks provide a corrosion free, water tight, long lasting solution for your water storage needs. Burying a fiberglass fire protection tank eliminates vandalism and freezing concerns. And with a H20 (traffic bearing) structural tank design, you can utilize the tank anywhere. 

NFPA 22 Fiberglass Tanks

Fextex supplies underground fiberglass fire protection tanks that

meet, and exceed local and national fire code and standards. 

  • NFPA 22 water storage tanks for fire protection systems

  • NFPA 1142 water supplies for suburban and rural fire fighting

Fextex coordinates with fire marshals, developers, engineers, and

city planners to meet their fire protection design requirements. The fiberglass tank are fully customizable with options such as ladders, anti vortex plates, dip tubes etc. 



Fiberglass Fire Protection Tank Design

Fextex helps with cost analysis & design outlay providing

budget quotes and delivering design tools such as; custom

drawings, dipstick calibration charts, buoyancy calculations,

pump hydraulics, installation manuals & control panel


Fextex continuously is finding ways to save our customers money.

Fire protection designs often allow the fire protection tank to serve

as a dual purpose tank. Purposing your fire protection tank as a

rainwater collection, potable water, fountain or stormwater

collection tank adds value and savings to your specific project.

Fiberglass Fire Protection Tank Considerations

A couple of things you may want to consider when equiping your underground fiberglass fire protection tank:


  • All fittings on the inside of the tank must be made of non corrosive material, such as fiberglass or stainless steel.

  • If your area experiences seasonal freezes, then the top of the tank must be buried below the frost line.

  • Tank gallonage is measured in total tank volume. If your outlet is not on the top of the tank, you can use our dipstick calibration chart to get a liquid volume. (use invert of outlet elevation.)

  • If you  are using a vertical turbine pump inside a fiberglass tank, then take the pump suction elevation into consideration. A bottom sump can be added to our tanks for full tank utilization.

  • If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact us, or visit our document library.


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