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Fiberglass Rainwater Collection Tanks 

Fiberglass Rainwater Collection Tank

Fiberglass rainwater collection tanks are corrosion free, reliable and a watertight solution used to store rainwater for landscaping, irrigation & potable water uses. A rainwater collection system can collect up to 0.62 gallons of water per square foot of roof space, per inch of rainfall. With factors such as evaporation, splash out, leaks, overflow from gutters and first flush we use a collection efficiency of 75-85%.


Example(0.62 X .85 X 1,500 X 36)Seattle WA Annual rainfall - 36 InchesSquare feet of roof area - 1,500Rainwater collection efficiency - 85%Gallons of water per square foot/per inch - 0.62Total annual rainwater collected - 28,458 gallons Incorporating a fiberglass rainwater collection tank into a plan set can conserve valuable water, and qualify your project for LEED credits.





































LEED Credits for Water Efficiency (WE)


WE Credit 1.1: Water Efficient Landscaping (Reduce by 50%)WE Credit 1.2: Water Efficient Landscaping (No Potable Water Use or No Irrigation)


Intent: Limit (50%) or eliminate (100%) the use of potable water, or other natural surface or subsurface water resourcesavailable on or near the project site, for landscape irrigation.


Requirements for Credit 1.1: Reduce potable water consumption for irrigation by 50% from a calculated mid-summer baseline case.Reductions must be attributed to any combination of the following items: plant species density and microclimate factor, irrigationefficiency, use of captured rainwater, use of recycled wastewater, use of water treated and conveyed by a public agency specificallyfor non potable uses.


Requirements for Credit 1.2: Achieve WE Credit 1.1 AND use only captured rainwater, recycled wastewater, recycled greywater, orwater treated and conveyed by a public agency specifically for non potable uses for irrigation OR install landscaping that does not require permanent irrigation systems.

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