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 Above Ground Fiberglass Tanks   


How Above Ground Fiberglass Tanks are made

Fextex supplies filament wound tanks that have at least four layers

First Layer- 20 mils thick 90% resin reinforced with glass or synthetic veil

Second Layer- Resin rich chop strand that is no less than 80 mils thick 65% resin

The first two layers equal a 100 mil corrosion barrier. The resin applied is determined

by the liquid being stored and temperature limits.

Third Layer-  Filament wound, resin impregnated, continuous strands of fiberglass

that are applied to a rotating mandrel. This layer contains 70% glass and 30% resin.

Fourth Layer- 10 mil thick pigment or gel coat for protection from ultraviolet ray degradation. 


















  • Chemical Storage

  • Wastewater Treatment

  • Potable Water Storage

  • Fire Protection

  • Emergency Water for Health Care Facilities

  • Brine

  • Agricultural Product Storage


  • Can be manufactured with ASME RTP-1 stamp

  • Light weight for ease of shipping and installation

  • Available in vertical and horizontal models

  • Available in diameters up to 14 feet

  • Desiegned for all seismic zones

  • Available in single and double wall models

  • Can be manufactured to NSF 61 requirments 

Above Ground Fiberglass Tank Applications
Above Ground Fiberglass Tank Features

Above Ground Fiberglass Tank Sizing Chart

Above ground fiberglass tanks provide a long term corrosion resistant, durable and cost effective containment storage for multiple applications. By selecting an above ground fiberglass tank, you eliminate the need for interior and exterior tank linings. The nature of fiberglass is anti corrosive, rust free, and 100% watertight, eliminating risk of ex filtration and content contamination.


Fextex provides tanks that meet or exceed the following standards:

  • ASTM D3299

  • ASTM D4097

  • NBS PA 15-69

  • RTP1

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