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AdvanTex® AX-MAX


AdvanTex® AX-MAX is a modular fully plumbed, multi-pass packed bed aerobic treatment system. The AX-MAX is built inside an insulated fiberglass tank that's durable, lightweight and watertight. Each pod is compartmentalized, and custom built to meet your system requirements. Unlike an AX-100, each AX-MAX can handle raw sewage up to 5,000 gallons per day, or septic effluent up to 15,000 gallons per day. What's unique about the AX-MAX is that the recirculation tank, dosing tank and treatment system are in a single unit. It may also be configured to include primary tankage. The structural design allows it to be installed above ground or partially buried, which is ideal for high water table and difficult soil conditions.




AdvanTex AX-MAX
AdvanTex AX-MAX
How AdvanTex® AX-MAX works
Specifications & Typical Operation Summary
  • Domestic strength flows up to 1 million gallons per day capacity

  • Re-use capable

  • Low level nutrient capability

  • Capital costs: 7-12 USD per treated gallon; installed
    (secondary treatment only)

  • Power requirements: 15 hp per 0.1 MGD

  • Electrical consumption: 1-2 KWH/1000 gpd

  • Average organic loading rate: 0.4 lbs N/ft2- day

  • Average nitrogen loading rate: 0.017 lbsN/ft2- day

  • Recirc blend ratio: 4-1

  • Dosing (ON) times: 60-90 seconds

  • Rest (OFF) times: 4-120 minutes

  • Dosing frequences: 12-72 doses per day

AdvanTex® AX-MAX
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