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Fiberglass Wetwells

Fiberglass wetwells have never been built this robust, anti buoyant or easy to install.

Fiberglass wetwells are 100% watertight, non corrosive, and maintenance free. Unlike concrete, fiberglass wetwells are delivered onsite as a singles piece unit regardless of its height. This eliminates labor intensive assembly practice that is commonly done when installing  concrete wetwells. Due to the Xerxes fiberglass wetwell rib structure, and bottom anti buoyancy flange, the wet well can be installed in shallow burial depths, regardless of the groundwater situation. Fiberglass wetwells can be buried in depths up to 50 feet.


  • Constructed of long lasting, rustproof fiberglass

  • Constructed with ribs that provide anti flotation benefits

  • Manufactured to meet specific site requirements

  • Designed and manufactured with anti flotation flange 

  • Manufactured with premium isophthalic/terephtahlic resin

  • Can be manufactured with resin conforming to NSF standards

  • Standard NSF 61 requirements (potable water wet wells)

  • Available in standard diameters of 42 inches-12 feet

  •  Available in standard lengths of 8 feet- 36 feet

  • Available with a variety of accessories and piping options

  • Light weight and easy to ship

  • Easy to install

  • Requires no maintenance 


Fiberglass Wetwells

Features & benefits of fiberglass vertical wetwells

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