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UV Pure Crossfire Technology 

​What is UV Disinfection

UV disinfection is the process of exposing contaminated water to radiation from ultra violet llight. The light penetrates an organism's cell wall and disrupts the cells genetic material making reproduction impossible. In wastewater applications, UV light is used to remove dangerous pathogens from the waste stream.

What is UV Pure Crossfire Technology


Crossfire Technology is designed to eliminate the inherent problems of conventional UV systems, and deliver the most effective UV treatment possible. Crossfire technology incorporates two proprietary high outlet UV lamps with elliptical reflectors that target pathogens at 360 degree radius, resulting in the highest UV dose possible (65mj/cm)

  • UV Pure Crossfire Technology  may be the most effective UV treatment

  • Highest UV Dose- Proprietart high-output long-life lamps

  • Closed UV reactor so no concrete channels and weirs required

  • Built in turbulance generators designed to increase dose on

  • Elliptical reflectors target & deactivate pathogens from 360 degrees

  • Dual smart UV sensors monitor both UV output and water quality

  • ​Built in microprocessor with video & audible alarm notifications

  • Dry contacts for remote alarm monitoring

  • One sensor for each lamp- no short circuiting if lamp fails


UV Pure Disinfection Unit

Why UV Pure Crossfire Technology


  • Crossfire Technology is self cleaning
  • Automatic mechanical quartz cleaning- quartz does not foul

  • No need to shut water flow for manual cleaning quartz tubes

  • ​No need to have redundant systems for cleaning lamp modules

  • Crossfire Technology is simple to install
  • Flexible stainless FIP connection for quick and simple installation

  • Compact size- ballast and lamps mounted on frame

  • ​Simple to expand treatment capacity by adding more UV modules

  • ​No need to form concrete channels and overhead lifting hardware

  • Wastewater effluent can be piped to any discharge location at any level

  • Employs flexible FIP for quick &simple installations


Crossfire Technology uses dual UV sensors mounted in air, which cannot foul, and are more reliable indicators of system performance. Lamps are air cooled and maintain consistent levels of UV output for maximum pathogen deactivation. Computerized alarms, and an auto shut-off fail-safe valve are on board which assures only safe water is entering the system.

Crossfire Technology is self cleaning- using a a stainless steel wiper to clean the inside of the quartz tube eliminating quartz fouling and the need for a water softener.

Virtually maintenance free- Crossfire Technology utilizes two lamps mounted in air, outside the quartz tube. This eliminates the need for draining and makes changing bulbs no more difficult than the ones in your household.



UV Pure Crossfire Technology
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