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Up Flow Filtration

​The ENR Technologies, LLC Denitrification Upflow Filter is an engineered solution that meets low total nitrogen (TN) requirements (>10mg/l) for a variety of wastewater applications. ENR Upflow Denitrification filter is economical and sustainable solution in reducing nitrogen.

  • Chemical Free- No chemical additives required

  • Passive System- No moving parts, minimal energy & maintenance requirements

  • Economical- Low capital & life cycle costs

  • Guaranteed Performance- ENR will guarantee the system will meet your discharge requirements

The ENR experience and acceptance from the regulatory community makes the ENR denitrification upflow filter a win/win solution for owners and their engineers looking to meet low TN levels.

The ENR denitrification upflow filter is designed to receive nitrified effluent from an advanced treatment system. By integrating the ENR denitrification upflow filter into the advanced treatment system where ammonia has been nitrified, the overall treatment train reduces average TN by over 90% depending on influent characteristics. Results are dependent on BOD reductions required to maximize nitrification of ammonia in the wastewater stream.

The Cost of the ENR Denitrification upflow filter is a function of influent condition,  including: BOD, TSS, TN, water chemistry, hydraulic loading, discharge & site requirements. Fextex can provide a comprehensive price quotation for a system to meet your project needs. The ENR denitrification upflow filter has up to a 60% lower projected life cycle cost than other industry standard denitrification technologies. Some of the cost effective advantages are:


  • No chemical additives or consumables

  • No independent control system

  • No instrumentation

  • Minimal energy requirements

  • No maintenance costs

  • No licensing fees

  • Minimal of 3 year warranty

If you would like to receive a price quotation from Fextex please be prepared to provide the following information: average and peak flow rates, influent, BOD, TSS, TN, water chemistry data, (alkalinity/PH) and proposed treatment system to nitrify the effluent (if any) contact Fextex for assistance in developing system influent parameters if required. 



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