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Underground Fiberglass Tanks, Above Ground Fiberglass Tanks & Fiberglass Wetwells 


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In everything we do, we believe in helping create the most sustainable, efficient and cost effective water & wastewater systems in the world. We do this by identifying your design obstacles, exploring solutions and empowering you with tools and resources. Ultimately, helping you throughout the entirety of your project.


Fextex offers project design support including manufacturer drawings, calculations, specifications and installation manuals. Fextex works with engineers, developers, government entities and contractors supplying technical assistance, project start up and training, for commercial water and wastewater treatment projects.

Underground Fiberglass Tank

An Advantex Treatment System® is a multi pass, packed bed media filter used to treat wastewater. The system is configured like a smaller foot print sand filter. An AX-100 Advantex® pod is 128 sqft, and can handle loading rates as high as 25-50 gpm per sqft. The AdvanTex Treatment System® is set up to recirculate your wastestream reducing your BOD, and TSS. The AdvanTex® can also be configured in a two stages to meet ammonia nitrogen (NH3-N) requirements as low as 1 mg/L. The second stage serves as a tertiary polishing stage further processing the highly treated effluent from the first stage. You can find additional details here- Advantex®, Advantex® AX-MAX, Document Library.



In 1997 Fextex® contacted Xerxes, and asked if they were interested in the  underground fiberglass water/wastewater tank market. Xerxes  said yes. This is important because Xerxes builds fiberglass water and wastewater tanks to petrolium tank standards (100% watertight). And before this time underground fiberglass water/wastewater tanks had a poor reputation, and large concrete tanks were the commodity product. Since then, underground fiberglass tanks have become the standard for underground water and wastewater storage. Offering advantages such as being easy to ship, and install due to their lightweight yet strong construction. Fiberglass tanks are non corrosive, eliminating the need for interior and exterior linings. They are fully customizable at the manufacturing plant, making them installable in one day. You can learn more about our fiberglass tanks through one of the folowing links- fiberglass wastewater tanks, fiberglass potable water tanks, fiberglass rainwater collection tanksfiberglass fire protection tanks, fiberglass stormwater detention tanks, fiberglass vertical wetwells.

AdvanTex Treatment Systems
Pump Station

Fextex supplies pump stations for water and wastewater applications. We can help with your pump selection,  hydraulic calculations,  control panel configuration, complete pump station layout or just a quote. If you already have a set of plans or an idea of what you need, you can get pricing here- pump quote, control panel quote

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