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Fiberglass tank's LEED point potential

Are you thinking about incorporating a fiberglass tank into your plan set? Are you uncertain how many LEED points you can qualify for? See below, or download our attachment for a clear understanding.

LEED® Credits for Water Efficiency (WE) WE Credit 1.1 – (2) points Water Efficient Landscaping: Reduce by 50% WE Credit 1.2 – (2) points Water Efficient Landscaping: No Potable Water WE Credit 2 – (2) points Innovative Wastewater Technologies WE Credit 3 – (2-4) points Water Use Reduction LEED® Credits for Sustainable Sites (SS) SS Credit 6.1 – (1) point Stormwater Design: Quantity Control SS Credit 6.2 – (1) point Stormwater Design: Quality Control SS Credit 7.2 – (2-4) points Heat Island Effect – Roof: Vegetative Roof Surfaces Regional LEED® Credits MR Credit 5 – (1-2) points Regional Materials RP Credit 1 – (0-4) points Regional Priority

For a closer look at the LEED Credit chart visit our dedicated web page-!greenbuild-tanks/cryf

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